TedxBend 2019 Main Event – The Vastness

Date March 30, 2019
Time 12:30pm-6:30pm
Location Bend Senior High School

The gatekeeper at the razor edge of capaciousness and triviality is choice. Lady choice stands guard over the fear, nervousness and drive we deliver into our movements. Do we think big? Do we stay in the fields of comfort? Do we expect the grand? Do we make room for the impossible? Can little movements make massive change? Can the boundaries be pushed and the rules still apply? The magnitude of our ideas can be limited by many things but let it not be limited by the courage our community supplies. We live in a community of endless courage. Courage is the jet fuel for exploration.

Let us all lift off into the vastness of our collective power. Let us all believe in the enormity of many small actions. Let us all dare to leap into the vastness of our collective courage and let us all look back at our community to say:

“Look at how far we have come and how 
much there is yet to see.”