Wyatt Hernandez

My name is Wyatt Hernandez, I am 17 years old and from the small town of Sisters, Oregon, born and raised. A little over three years ago I played football knowing full well I had a concussion or something was wrong with me, this decision changed my life. Over the next month and years, I was severely affected by my symptoms which included being sensitive to sound or light, nausea, confusion, depression, unable to read, severe memory loss and an intense stutter. Many people said my speech would be better in two weeks, yet as the months passed they said I would never heal, I thought they were wrong. Now I have regained my functions close to what they were, I was playing sports and voted school president by my pers yet something was still missing in my life. I had always loved the game of football and I made it my dream to play again and be on the team for my senior year. With months of grueling work both mentally and physically I joined the team as the place kicker. Youths need football and most importantly safe football needs to be practiced.