Fiann Paul

Fiann Paul is a unique hybrid whose careers in sports, art, and psychology, embody the antique, Greek concept of Arete, multipotential development. He is one of the world’s most record-breaking athletes and most record-breaking explorers. 

As an athlete representing Iceland, Fiann is known for being the world’s fastest ocean rower. He is also an accomplished photographer, focusing on themes such as indigenous people and the importance of breastfeeding. His postgraduate studies in Depth Psychology research the psychological background of explorers, adventurers, and ultra-endurance athletes.

Fiann holds the world’s second highest number (23) of performance-based Guinness World Records within one discipline, after Micheal Phelps (24), followed by Roger Federer (22). He also holds the world’s highest number of Guinness titles of “World’s First” (9), on par with Reinhold Messner, awarded by Guinness for explorations. As an explorer, he is the first person to row some of the northernmost seas, and the first person to row all 4 oceans: Atlantic, Indian, Pacific, and the Arctic. He is also the only person to break speed records first on 3 oceans, later on, all 4 oceans.

His broad expertise facilitates an entertaining and educational journey into the meeting point of Depth Psychology, Oceans, and Art.