Miriah O’Dair

My goal is to weave the fabric of space with yarn spun by those who live there. I plan to take the fibrous elements of design and create meaningful shelter. My purpose is to follow the thread of life that connects inhabitants, landscapes, and nations within the world. I use my MFA in Interior Architecture and Design to guide the common thread of humanity’s need for shelter and connect people to the natural resources we use to inhabit our planet. I pursue balance that is born of diversity. Ultimately, I want to be part of the think tank that will address global spatial issues. Although the art of design is used to tell the infinitely different stories of people, shelter is a common thread. Everything on this spinning sphere shares the needs of air, water, food, and shelter. We will need to use these common threads to artfully and responsibly design the interior of this architecture named Earth. Everything in Earth, from it and about it, is an entangled meaningful shelter.