TEDxBend 2017: US HUMANS

Date May 13, 2017
Location Bend Senior High School

What makes us human? What makes us thrive? What universals bind us together? TEDxBend 2017 leads us on a journey to discover what makes “Us Humans.” How we define our humanity has the power to shape who we are and, indeed, the world around us. TEDxBend is a celebration and exploration of our commonalities and the ideas we share that are worth spreading.

TEDxBend is driven by the idea of community involvement and inclusivity. In 2017 we are taking a big step forward in manifesting that vision. In addition to numerous TEDxBend Salons throughout the year, our Main Event, on May 13, will encompass two unique and singular sessions, nearly doubling the number of speakers and performers as well as the number of Central Oregonians that are able to participate. Attendees have the option of choosing either a morning or afternoon session or attending both to fully immerse themselves in a thought-provoking, energizing day. This new format allows us to carve out time to dive into real discussion with each other and our speakers and entertainers. The two unique sessions will overlap with a shared lunch featuring food carts, live music and an extended opportunity to connect with the community you have all graciously helped build.