CJ Neary

Now 10 years old, CJ Neary has been asking for an instrument to play since he could speak. With no musical background, his parents tried their best to support him. He began playing violin at age 5 and led his parents on a musical journey that they never dreamed of. Starting out with classical, then Texas-style fiddling, bluegrass, jazz, and funk, CJ is now composing, singing, and playing piano and guitar too. His knowledge, creativity, and love of music has grown at an exponential rate. With multiple national titles and a Grand Ole Opry performance under his belt, CJ is currently working on his first album, with teacher Georges Bouhey, and is touring with the Bee Eaters. A 5th grader at Pine Ridge Elementary in Bend, CJ loves to play basketball, swim, and hang out with family when he isn’t playing music.