TED Cinema Experience: TED Prize Event

Date April 25, 2017Time 8:00 PMLocation Regal Old Mill Stadium 16 & IMAX
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TED Cinema Experience is bringing the electrifying TEDConference live to movie theater audiences across the U.S. this April. The TED Conference in Vancouver, Canada is where most TED Talks originate, and where ideas are not only heard for the first time but experienced.

This night will feature tennis icon Serena Williams, acclaimed healthcare reformer Atul Gawande, plus a major talk from one of the world’s most revered figures whose name we can’t reveal until the night of. Then comes the climactic moment of TED2017, where the $1 million TED Prize and a “wish” are awarded for a world-changing idea.

Witnessing a live 2-hour session from the TED Conference—where some of the most daring and innovative new ideas are delivered to the world for the first time—together with your community offers something that tuning in online at home cannot. Feel what it’s like to actually be at the TED Conference. Experiencing the nerves, electricity, and tension in the room when watching speakers’ unfiltered talks live alongside friends and strangers. Witness TED’s curation process at work, when mind-shifting ideas can emerge from the artful combination of talks and performances in each session. Get a glimpse of behind-the-scenes content, host introductions and commentary and even outtakes that, before now, had never made it outside of the room in Vancouver.

Learn more about speakers: https://ted2017.ted.com/speakers

This is the second of three exciting cinema experiences this year.  Make sure to check out the other nights.
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