Speaker Spotlight

Christopher Veal

TedXBend | 05.10.17

1. This year’s theme is “US Humans” What do you immediately think of when you ponder US Humans?
I think of some of the amazing things that humans have been able to accomplish, and get excited to see what’s next for us. Plus, if you ride a motorcycle, you move to the top of my ‘cool’ list.

2. Who has had the most significant influence on you in your adult life and why?
I believe it was my mother, who always worked to see the good in people and continually embodied what I’ve come to know as the ideal of helping others and being of service.

3. What is it about your work that keeps you going?
I love that the work I do helps people grow and develop, and ultimately become an enhanced version of themselves. Often that change is even greater than they had thought possible, and ultimately they come to understand that they possess all of the answers that they need.

4. What is your passion outside your idea worth spreading?
My family, music and motorcycles.

5. Where’s the one place you’ve visited that you’ll never forget and why?
Punta Arenas, Chile. The people were so welcoming and friendly, and when I wasn’t enjoying all the amazing food, I was dancing in the clubs until the sun came up!

6. Describe an unforgettable moment that shaped who you are.
When I became a father. It was the first time that I truly understood what unconditional love was.

7. List three words that describe you.
Engaging. Thoughtful. Caring.

8.Why do you want to speak at TEDxBend?
I’m excited to hear what all the speakers have to share, and to learn more about the ways they want to create an impact in the world.

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