Eric Plantenberg

As the CEO of Freedom Personal Development, Eric Plantenberg shows people from all walks of life how to make a greater impact in all areas of their lives.
 Eric has an uncanny ability to take things from concept to reality.  He believes that when one person lives a life of Purpose, the entire world becomes a better place because of it.

His wife Michelle says the “craziest thing about Eric is that he really thinks he’s just living a normal life.”

Most people wouldn’t use the word “normal” to describe Eric’s life.  In addition to inspiring people across the globe,  here’s a snapshot of a few things he’s done in his free time:

– Started a school for homeless children in Egypt – while learning Arabic
– Completed the IronMan four times
– Volunteered at orphanages in India
– Climbed to the Summit of Mt. Everest from the North
– Chases tirelessly after his 2 year old daughter