Dean Newlund

Dean Newlund sharpened his self-awareness and instinct as a professional actor and teacher and later applied those skills as an executive coach, leadership trainer and strategic-facilitator.  As CEO of Mission Facilitators International, a 26-year-old boutique training and development company, Dean works to help individual leaders and their teams understand, use and perfect the intuitive side of leadership and the creative side of leading teams and companies. He’s worked in 19 countries, including China, India, Poland, Chili, and the United Arab Emirates. His company’s clients include HonorHealth, ExxonMobil, Marriott, Lonza, Honeywell and Oregon State University, where he teaches classes on leadership.

Dean’s research aligns with McKinsey and Company’s 10-year global study of senior knowledge workers that found employees who spend the most time trusting their intuition, are up to five times more effective as their counterparts. 

As a thought-leader and author, Dean has written two white papers: “The New Normal 2.0,” and “The Transformational Story of Purposeful Leadership.” He has also written columns for the Arizona Republic and AZ Woman.    He is currently working on a book to teach people, in and out of business, to understand, trust and use their intuition effectively.