Duke Stump

Duke Stump believes in bonfires. His role is that of a Sherpa, responsible for sparking the bonfires. 

He finds nutrition in the wisdom of nature, the compassion of horsemanship, the vision of Buckminster Fuller and the inspiration of Sister Corita Kent. However, he thrives when he is living the simple life with his wonderful wife, two amazing daughters, horses, and chickens in the genius of place called Ojai, CA.

He believes in adventures that make him uncomfortable…in a good way. That said, his adventures to date have led him to NIKE (VP Product Marketing – subsidiary), Seventh Generation (CMO), The Northstar Manifesto (Principal), Marlboro Graduate School (Adjunct Faculty), Presidio Graduate School (Expert-In-Residence), Biomimicry Institute (Board member), Easton Bell Sports (SVP Culture, Creative & Brand Innovation) and The DO Lectures USA (host/curator).