Chad Russell

Chad served 3 tours (a total of 2.5 years) in Iraq as a Marine in a variety of positions, including being a sniper. While with the sniper teams, he conducted surveillance for intelligence purposes and eliminated enemy forces that would try to harm coalition forces or local civilians. Chad was also a Team Leader, Assistant Team Leader, Radio Operator, and Forward Observer who called in air strikes. And he trained some of the first Iraqi Army units and Iraqi Police Departments.

Returning home from Iraq was not an easy transition. But Chad learned to gain valuable insight through the support of others, often including Vietnam Vets. Now married to his wife Taneal and a successful business person living in Portland, Chad realizes that the impact of his time in Iraq will always be part of him. And he knows that the returning Sailors, Marines, Soldiers and Airmen have a long road of recovery.

Chad grew up in Bend, graduating from Mountain View High School (Go Cougars). As a kid he had an array of interests: Chad loved soccer, tee-ball, and football. He was part of the Jazz Choir, participated in the Navy Junior ROTC program, and volunteered for the Deschutes County Search and Rescue.