Hall of Dreamers Update

Cari Brown

Rebecca Peterson | 12.19.16

Cari Brown is an artist, entrepreneur and founder of The Workhouse. The Workhouse is a collective of studio artists in Bend, which continues to grow, evolve and be enlivened as it’s artists do the same. Cari’s dream, submitted for TEDxBend 2016’s Hall of Dreamers exhibit, reveals her passion:

“It is my dream to see Bend become known to the world as a place where Art & Culture thrives. It is my dream to see the artists with whom I work (and the many here who I have yet to meet) develop a practice that both inspires and sustains not only themselves but our community. I want to see such a level of intent and excellence, exposure, and honor, diversity and depth, that one no longer feels that they ‘must go elsewhere’ to have poignant experiences with art and culture.”

Since the TEDxBend 2016 event, however, The Workhouse has undergone some major transitions due to a large rent increase. Facing this challenge prompted deep investigation into the value of what Brown and the collective of artists are doing at The Workhouse. The result is that they are more resolved than ever to dig in and keep their dream of seeing Bend become a vibrant and sustainable city within which artists can thrive.

“It was an honor to be chosen [for TEDxBend’s Hall of Dreamers],” said Brown. “Being involved really helped me to clarify my dreams and to formulate a mission based upon them.”

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